11 March 2015

20 Years in International Relations Studies

I. Session: Borders and Beyond: Old Concepts, New Perceptions
Moderator: Sezgi Durgun

Günay Göksu Özdoğan, Deviations from the Modernization Paradigm: From Nation Building to Competing Nationalisms?
Ayhan Aktar, Nationalism and Studying on Minorities: 1991 – 2015
Ayhan Kaya, Massacre of Charly Hebdo, The End of 9/11 Climate: The Return of Social and Political in Europe?
Sema Erder, The Experience of International Migration Studies in Turkey
Suna Gülfer Ihlamur-Öner, New Concepts and Discussions in International Migration Studies

II. Session: Regional, Global Transformations and Turkey
Moderator: Erhan Doğan

Gencer Özcan, Studies of Turkish Foreign Policy at MURCIR at Its First 5 Years
Büşra Ersanlı, Emre Erşen, The Past and Present of Russian, Caucasian and Central Asian Studies
İbrahim Mazlum, Global Environment Policy Studies since the 1990s.

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