November 22, 2006

Wednesday Talk

Discussion with Prof. Taner Timur: “Philosophical Impressions”

In the first meeting of the semester MURCIR hosted a well known social scientist Prof. Taner Timur, who recently published a book titled as: “Philosophical Impressions”. Prof. Timur talked about his encounters with the French Theory and his conception of philosophy throughout the years that he spent in France. He mentioned that Althusser, Sartre, Foucault ve Derrida have a common problematic, which can be categorized under three themes: Intersubjectivity, cognitive science, social structure.

At the end of the debate, the relation between philosophy and social science is discussed. The category of “knowledge”, “power” and the typology of “intellectual” has been discussed with special reference to the case of Turkey.

Probably the residue of this discussions was the following sentence at the end of the day:

"Philosophy is great; but as long as one could step out of its borders…”


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