May 3, 2006

Wednesday Talk

Ret. Amb. Önder OZAR

Whither the Islamic Revolution in Iran?

On 3rd of May, Önder Ozar has delivered a detailed lecture on Iran and Islamic Revolution. Being a former Ambassador to Iran, Mr. Özar shared his ideas and experiences related to the political regime, its actors and the constitution in Iran. Especially he emphasized that according to the political organization in Iran the title “President” does not mean “Head of the State”, which is a common mistake repeated in the terminology of media and as well as academia.
In his presentation Mr. Ozar discussed the main issues of the Islamic revolution as well as the hopes and expectations of the people, who are more interested in economic and technological developments rather than in the “pure” ideology of the regime. In the concluding remarks he also pointed out that the power struggle between the traditionalist and the radical Islamist dominate how politics and “Islamic democracy” would take shape in the future.


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