May 9, 2007

Wednesday Talk

Enis Rıza


MURCIR Wednesday Talks hosted Enis Rıza, founding member of The Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey (BSB). In his talk entitled “Documentary Filming and Politics” Enis Rıza focused on descriptive elements of documentary filming, recent trends in documentary cinema, the relation between documentary and politics. The screening of Enis Rıza’s documentary film “Ayrılığın Yurdu Hüzün: Kayaköy” followed the screening of short films produced by BSB. 

Enis Rıza then answered the questions of the participants. He highlighted financial independence of documentary filming. Answering questions about relation of documentary cinema with other genres Enis Rıza defined documentary as the intellectual sphere of the cinema. He told that the central problematic of documentary had always been reality and different ways of expression of reality.


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