May 4, 2009

Wednesday Talk

Tan Oral


Caricaturist Tan Oral is the director of the Association of Cartoonists and the lecturer at several universities for a long time. He has several cartoon books such as Böyük Türkiye, Sansür, Sus ve Dinle, İstanbul, Pencereler, Yürüyenler, Yaza Çize, Bu Kitabın Kuyruğu Var and YüzYüze. Currently, he is working as a freelance cartoonist in Taraf Newspaper.

Oral began his speech by defining what politics is. He emphasized the distinction between humour and comedy and gave examples for both. He summarized the history of humour in Turkey since the late Ottoman period until today and talked about some comics. He also argued that in today’s world, humour is no longer perceived as a necessity for people. Oral showed examples of his own caricatures. The meeting ended with the questions and comments of the participants.


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