December 1-3, 2005

The last IMILCO workshop held in Istanbul between 1-3 December, 2005 focused on research and policy-issues related to international migration, informal labour and community in Europe with due emphasis on politics of exclusion.



There was four thematic areas within the topic of Irregular Migration:

  • The changing migratory system

  • Migration and informalisation of European labour markets

  • Migration and civil society

  • Migration, populism, xenophobia, democracy and citizenship

The opening session started with the inauguration speeches by Prof. Dr. Tunç Erem (Rector, Marmara University), and proceeded with Dr. Ingmar Karlsson (The Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul) and Anita Gradin (Former EU Commisioner & Former Minister of Migration, Sweden). The opening ceremony ended with the welcome speeches of Prof. Dr. Carl-Ulrik Schierup (NIWL Representative) and Prof. Dr. Sema Erder (MURCIR, Director)

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr.Ronaldo Munck (Dublin City University) and Prof Dr. Grete Brochmann (University of Oslo) were the keynote speakers of the workshop. Each of them were provided an overall picture of the facts and figures concerning international and irregular migration and interpreted this picture from their own academic perspectives.



This workshop hosted 85 researchers from 15 countries; totally 37 papers were presented & discussed in 4 thematic sessions. It created the possibility for the Turkish and European Researchers and as well as for the graduate students to meet in a common platform, to exchange their views and ideas. The papers submitted in this workshop will be re-presented in a publication forthcoming in 2006. Besides , preparations for the publication of an edited volume with an extended participation of experts on the field have been initiated in January 2006. 

Since its foundation, the IMILCO initiative has realized several international projects and workshops/ conferences held in Istanbul and Stockholm. Swedish National Institute for Working Life (NIWL) and Marmara University Research Center for International Relations (MURCIR) attempt at enriching the IMILCO cooperation with a circle of experts and other research institutions in European countries. Currently the IMILCO initiative embraces researchers from 15 member countries and intends to broaden this circle further to new member and candidate states to the EU.




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