Working Group on Climate Change


Research at MURCIR has been oriented towards global environmental politics, climate change and sustainable development in recent years. Currently, the issue of climate change is one of the priority topics on the Center’s research agenda. In line with its goals and practices, the Center provides a platform for cooperation in climate change related research and information activities. In this vein, MURCIR members initiated formation of the Working Group on Climate Change (MURCIR-WGCC) within its structure in 2008.

The Group is composed of academics and experts working on climate change, sustainable development, environment, energy and water issues. With its composition which brings together scientists and experts from universities and implementing institutions, MURCIR-WGCC is intended to provide a platform for cooperation in interdisciplinary studies. It is aimed at constituting a basis for a national network of experts involved in climate change related studies and activities. 

The Working Group on Climate Change will conduct research projects and organize conferences and meetings on national and international climate change policy. The Group’s current work program has a special focus on the ongoing negotiations shaping the post-2012 agreement to be concluded in Copenhagen. Under the work program for 2009-10, the group will produce two books. The first book is on the architecture of the climate regime in post-2012 period. The second will cover issues related to climate change and sustainable development. The group will also publish policy papers to catalyze discussion on Turkey’s international climate policy. Group activities and their outcomes will be made available on the Center’s website as well. Current members of MURCIR-WGCC, which will be expanded with the progress of its work, are listed below.

Current Members:
Assoc. Prof. Semra Cerit, MURCIR
Assist. Prof. Rana İzci, Marmara University, European Union Institute
Dr. Etem Karakaya, Adnan Menderes University, Department of Economics
Dr. Baha Kuban, Ecofys Turkey
Assist. Prof. İbrahim Mazlum, MURCIR

Observing Members:
Gülçin Özsoy, REC Turkey
Bahar Ubay, UNDP Turkey
Atila Uras, UNDP Turkey

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