"After 1960s, New Social Movements have been gaining political prominence around the world. They have gathered, often under the “Green” umbrella, to have far-reaching demands that transcend the Green, rising up against neoliberalism in general. In the presentation I looked comparatively at the New Social Movements in Georgia and Turkey. In the talk I will first give background to historical processes globally that paved way to these social movements globally, regionally and locally. I will then analyze different aspects that are similar or different in Georgia (Gudiashvili and Vake Park movement) and Turkey (Gezi Park Movement), which include their political/apolitical character, social composition, multiplicity/absence of demands, class (or absence thereof) in their rhetoric coexistence of different groups, consensus-based politics and horozontality/spontaneity. Finally, I will attempt to compare the two political realities and the problems these NSMs face, including fracturing and the right wing populist backlash in these two societies."

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